First generation Ryzen with 32 Gb modules

Does someone tested, if Ryzen 7 1700 can work with 32GB RAM modules?
I would like to upgrade my PC with RAM and not really sure which ram to use.
2 by 16Gb or 2 by 32.
Motherboard that i’m using is ASUS ROG B450-I.
This motherboard has in Memory QVL 32GB modules for third generation of Ryzen.
But not for first and second generation.

But first generation of Ryzen supports 64GB ram and this motherboard too.
And in 2017 there was no 32GB RAM modules.

It might’ve added with BIOS updates, kinda like X58 only supported up to 4gb modules when it launched but BIOS updates enabled higher capacity memory support, and that wasn’t even mentioned on QVLs back then.
If its listed on the QVL it should work, that said i’m yet to try it by myself, i only have 2x16gb on my machine.
And, if i’m not stepping across the line, what do you need so much RAM for?

I have more questions to support of this modules by processor.
So much RAM i would like to use for virtualization.
Also i will later upgrade to 3950 or 4950(or something like this).

I’ve got an x370 Taichi with a r7 1700 with 128gb of ram.

4x32gb modules, M378A4G43MB1-CTD

Works perfectly

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Thanks for reply, but it is bit too late.
I have got 4x16GB with other motherboard.
ASUS TUF B450M-PRO with 4 RAM slots.

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