First Game Progress

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I will put all my progress of my games right here, maybe i will stream the process, but i need to try my shitty connection first before i stream anything.

First game of twelve.(Deadline 31/01/2017).

Codename: The Fallen Tribe
Type: Plataformer
Characters: just 1 Khartda
Plataforms: PC and maybe Android
Levels: 5
Traps: enviromentals/static/movable
Health bar: yes
Form of Scoring: by completing all the levels or by time.
Animations: idle/walk/run/jump.

PROGRESS SO FAR... 03/01/2017

First Level Sprite and Character front view

What's Next?, well i need to put the collisions to the first level sprite and then try the sprite on UE4 and with hope, i will finish the side view of Khartda and at last i will import the sprites to start testing.


Almost finish with the first level collision and i already try the level sprite with a testing character and it works good enough, the side face of the character its taking me a little more problems than i thought so in the meantime i started with blueprints on UE4, so far i got the damage system,movement,animation and a form of resetting the character.

/ I try to stream this morning but my connection was too shitty, so i guess i will update this post frequently /


I think the side face of the character its almost done, i hope so, because i really want to start testing the first level with the actual character and not a testing one, after that i will start to create the traps, to add a little bit of challenge to the game.


I got a little inconvenience with the side face of the character, so i redo it and now its almost complete,after that i will start to make the sprites that will become in to flipbooks or animations for UE4.


Finally i finish the side view of the character and now i can start to draw the frames for running,idle and attack animations.


I started to draw the running animation, but since i dont have any drawing skills at all, i made a little guide for me to made it less frustating, and i guess it could help later on with other characters.


Still making the running animation, drawing its hard, really hard, but anyway im almost done with the running animation, and also i already make guides for the jump animation.


All levels are technically done, but still need some polishing, im almost done my first game, but i think its gonna be a little over a month, but that's fine, i guess there's hurdles during this process, still im really happy, i really thought that i couldn't do this, because i dont have any knowledge about game development.

NOTE: This levels are empty levels, meaning without traps,interface,effects and character.

Update 08/02/2017

Last animations to do:
Death,idle and damage

Update 09/02/2017

Fifth level done!

Update 12/02/2017

Fourth Level Done!!!

Update 14/02/2017

Level Map complete!

Finally on Unreal Engine


wow a long period of time have passed since day 1, anyway im almost at the end of this quest and i started to see the rewards of this invaluable experience, finally i started to build the levels and testing on android and pc, and i really don't know why i want to keep playing this simple game over and over again, maybe because im crazy, i really don't know the reason.


Almost done, finish all animations and level testing, now i just need to package the project and put it on greenlight.


Great experience for my first game, i think im gonna put it on greenlight as a game concept, and released it on android for free and try to get as much reviews and constructive criticism as posible.

Almost Forgot 05/03/2017

screenshot of playing The Fallen Tribe, im still having some issues compiling for android, in the meantime im starting the second game call: Trial By Combat.


Looks like the flash games I used to play growing up.

Looks like it turned/turning out good!


Thanks @MFZuul , im really happy with the results.

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