Second Game Progress

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Second game of 12 maybe 14, i still don't know, and maybe its gonna be more than a year, because im having too much fun learning game development.

Anyway, for the second game i will integrate multiplayer, wich means another big hurdle, but i think i already know the answer, which is local multiplayer.

Codename: Trial by Combat
Type: 1 vs 1/Fighting/local multiplayer
Characters: 4 but 2 at first, then i will update later on.
Plataform: Android/PC
Levels: Procedural Levels( i hope)
Damage System: yes
Animations: Attack,Dodge,Jump.Idle.Run,Wall Jump(Wall Jump will be added later on)
Health bar: yes
Stamina bar: no, i hate stamina bars.
Form of scoring: Defeat the oponent (no limit time)
Challenges: The only thing that has stopped me, its the animations and the art, and since this game will be procedurally generated, it will be easier for me to make levels.

I already have a draft, but i will start at the end of february, since im still finishing my first game, because "reasons".


i got my first draft of some levels for this game, well its more like a doodle, since this game will be procedurally generated, im trying to make scenarios tailored to a cubic style so im gonna convert this doodles to cubes and geometrical shapes to be able to make a random level generator on UE4.


Since im trying to make the levels procedural, i tried to make a simple level with geometrical shapes to test the load on a mobile device and also check if my random level generator its indeed working accordingly to my settings, going well so far...

i think i went a little overboard with the customizations of my level generator, now it doesn't work on mobile...


Fixing Camera and starting to build the multiplayer blueprint.


Damn, learning blender it's really hard.

more progress on the 3d model


Well once again, im a little over my deadline, and not just a little, a lot, i mean a lot, but in the meantime i will show my slow progress on this adventure.


more progress on the character model

First level ( 20% complete), working on multiplayer and combat system.

more progress

29/jun/2017 Blender Blender Blender...

A little busy learning blender, but i think im starting to get a small grasp on it.

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Looking forward to it!


Ooh, 1v1 fighting games are tricky... Curious to see what will come out of this :)