First Few 3D Models (Get Crackin' Challenge)


So, I decided to try my hand at modeling this past month for the challenge. These are for a game my friends and I are scrounging together. We're doing this just for the fun of it.

It's been great fun and great practice working on these models, even though they're rather simplistic.

Any other modelers out there?


Nice! I really need to buckle down and spend more time in 3DS Max. If I had stuck with it, I would have a year of experience at this point.... :(

Few older models from my Photobucket they're a few years old now.

Something from last year:

More newer things I can't show. NDA on projects and all that jazz.

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Noice... What software are you using?
Back in the day, when i was experimenting with stuff like that, i used Wings3D...


I've always wanted to do this kind of thing, just no motivation to actually go for it. You should definitely get back into it, it's somehow very satisfying.


Awesome models! Your work looks very professional! Maybe one day I can make amazing stuff like that. How long have you been modeling for? Any pieces of advice for someone aspiring to be better?


I'm currently using Blender. It's free, which makes it a prime choice for us college students. It's definitely a little intimidating, at least for me, since you use it a little differently than other pieces of software.
I've heard of Wings3D once before, but that was a few years ago, do people still use it?


Oh wow, i didn't know Blender is free... I used Wings because it's extremely simple. Couple hour of experimenting, and i got the basics.

Well, Blender is way more popular, but Wings is Open Source. While i was using it there were news and update plans and what not. But if you are serious about this, you better go with Blender.

I've been modelling for roughly 8-9 years now, the best advice I can give is focus on one thing at a time, so work out what you enjoy more, Hard Surface modelling, like what you've done. Or if it's more organic like characters, you will want to look at actually using sculpting software such as Zbrush, and Mudbox, 3DCoat, ect.

Another thing is don't worry about what actual software you use, learn Blender, Modo, Maya or Max, either one of them the modelling tools are very alike, once you know how to model, you can transfer that skill to any package you will need or want to use, you'll just have to learn the names of the tools.

Blender is very good, however give MODO indie on steam a look, it comes with a full suit of things of making assets, from very good modelling, to UVs, texture painting, sculpting, and much more. It's the program I love to use the most out of the very vast software I have.

Also if you're a student you can get free access to Autodesk Maya, Max, Mudbox, ect just using a student e-mail. And they are pretty much industry software.

I have a solid works student license and 3 years of high school CAD class

I can draw some stuff like this GPU bracket

I don't do artistic modelling, I make things I need

I use blender quite a bit. There are some cool guides on youtube for it, I found Tutor4u had easy to follow projects.

You should give substance painter a go for texturing the models. it's got a 30 day free trial & is only $20 per month if you want to keep using it.

Gimp is a nice free alternative to photoshop & I find it very handy for creating maps to use in substance.

Blender is also FOSS, if that's what you mean.

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Mari is also amazing, it's more VFX based but it's picking up very fast in the game dev sphere, due to how it handles huge texture data sets. Also there is a Mari indie on steam for deadly cheap.