First ever own pc build, is this a good gaming rig?

Hi there I'm new to all this but think I'm about ready to start buying the parts, so any way just would like some opinions on the build and maybe some advice on improvements.....


Here's the list

i7 4770k

G1 sniper m5 z87 mini atx

Corsair vengeance 1866mhz 8gb

Evga super nova 750w 80+ gold

Adata 128gb ssd

Seagate barracuda 2tb HDD

Corsair obsidian 350d m-atx case

Evga gtx 770sc

I thinks that's all I need...

Any opinions would be great thanks.


You can do quite a bit better for the money; what is your budget?

Don't really have one just in the UK these parts a pretty cheap compared to other parts I've seen, I was going to build a and based system but not now this new Intel is out. I basically want w beast gaming machine and was planning to have 2x 770's what would you recomend ? Plus wouldent like to spend over £2000

Plus how would this system perform? I'm aiming for 60fps as a minimum as my old system has made me crave such power as its i3-540 8gb 1333mhz ram with a gtx 550ti and I hate it sooooo much

look into getting a 8350 and a 780 instead maybe?  Thats what I would do

Heres a couple other powersupply options I'd rather have.

A better psu. You could also get the Corsair ax 750 since it is just the seasonc i linked rebadged more or less.

A less expensive psu. It is a rebadged Sea Sonic M12D and is still a good unit and should be fine for 2 770s. So if you need that 30 dollars elsewhere you could do worse.

other people can probably make more suggestions

I notice you decided to buy a unlock processor, but you don't have a good heatsink, you wouldn't want to overclock the processor using the stock cooler from intel.  If you want to overclock you'll need a better cooler, if you didn't plan on doing so then the stock cooler would be enough.

For 2000 zed, you can get a lot of computer.

Sometimes we sacrifice performance over SSD.

The 4770k just came out, and while it isn't much better than the 3770k, it is better, and costs practically the same. Pair it with an MSI GD-65 "Gaming" Z87 motherboard, and you'll be able to overclock that 4770k nicely to 5.0gHz, if your chip can keep up. Alternatively, you could drop the case to a cheaper one, and switch out the GD-65 for a ROG Hero or MSI Mpower, and have a better overclocking board; the GD-65 holds its ground very well, though.

Speaking of overclocking, the Phanteks PH-TC14PE will be good up to a 5.0gHz OC on that 4770k; it handles 4.8gHz on my 3770k under 74 C running IntelBurnTest small FFT; fantastic cooler, much better than any CLC out there, especially for the price. Pair it with some nice fans, and the only thing that will beat it is a custom loop, or a phase changer.

16GB of G.SKILL Sniper memory; 8GB sticks, so you can max your board out later, plus, it is sure to hit 1866mHz CL9 at 1.5V, because from what I have read, they are the exact same DIMMs as the higher-clocked sticks. Great memory; well built, overclocks decently, low profile, and solid black, all for a reasonable price.

Instead of a small SSD, I went with a 2TB Seagate SV35.5 drive. The Barracuda drives have a 30% failure rate. My data is worth more than the risk - the SV35.5 series is much more reliable, and very close in cost, making them a better choice. Based on other decisions in the rig, there was not room for an SSD.

I chose not to go with an SSD for the next thing; 780 2-way SLI. Sure, triple 7970s would give more power, but the issues with power consumption, frame times, microstuttering, games that don't support SLI or CF, etc., etc. make 780 SLI a fantastic option, especially considering it is within your budget.


The R4 isn't as well-built as the 350-D, but it is made like a tank, regardless, and just looks great. Solid cable management, and plenty of drive-bays - great case, especially for the price.

This system, even when overclocked like crazy, will never need more than 750W. You could even use a 650W PSU, but for longevity of the PSU, running at 85% load is ideal, both for reduced strain on the PSU, and optimal efficiency. The Corsair AX750 is fully modular, and has a very low ripple, which will help protect your hardware from a PSU-based overclocking explosion.

So there are various types of build ideas here I am having to reflect my chouces, and could any tell me the most powerful possible build with a fix 8350 and was planning to use one of the all in one water cooling units that just plug in and play.

asus sabertooth 990fx motherboard $220
amd fx8350                                       $210
8gb g skill 2133 ram                         $120
2 hyperx 120gb ssd's in raid 0          $240
seagate 2tb hdd                                $89
corsair hx750 psu                              $180
asus gtx780                                       $699
h100i cooler                                       $169

there you go thats the same price round abouts "pricing may be different in your location"

hmm weird, the text exploded everywhere sorry bout that

Yea I thought that was weird lol. So this amd machine will it perform better that the origanl build or the other Intel build suggested to me earlyer up the thread but single GPU of course. I wanna Max games 1080p at about an average fps of 60

Take coveeerr!!

Right guys what is the most powerful system possible to Max games at 1080p for £1000

might be better to get a i5 3rd gen or i5 2500k, they dont get as hot as 4th gen pro and can overclock more.

Well with the budget, u proposed heres what i got for a great gaming rig overclockable