First draft $1600 build - Updated 2/27

Help me refine the build. I know I can get this to under $1500!

Thanks Vinn

I am looking for a quality build that will last for years to come. I'm def planning on adding a second graphics card in the future.

This is what i came up with for you. IMO, you were over spending on your mobo, ram, and hdd. I use this mobo in my daily pc and its amazingly stable and can overclock like a champ. The ram in this build is also just as stable and fast as what you picked, but cheaper. Same with the new hdd and ssd.  I picked the haf xm for you due to the high air flow and front panel usb 3.0, which the mobo does support. Also, you cant beat seasonic for a power supply.   

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However, shadowbreak is completely right. You are definetely overspending on your RAM and your HDD. The velociraptor is quick indeed, but its definetely not worth the extra money, you can get a WD Black 1tb drive for less than that, it also has pretty good performance. The RAM costs so much because of the aesthetics. It doesnt have an incredible build quality which justifies the amount of money spent. 


The motherboard does offer Amazing build quality and performance, but you pay so much mostly because of the looks, if you want to invest in something which looks good, ast least invest in the mobo instead of the ram, you'll see it more. But still, thats a lot of money.....


You could invest in a bigger SSD, an i7 or maybe a different case.


@Shadowbreak; the case is still subjective.

You don't need a 10k RPM 500gb HDD. If you're getting an SSD you really won't need a super fast HDD, plus you can get another 1.5TB out of it for a lower price still. 16gb of memory is overkill seeing as how most games almost never even hit 8gb. I assumed you picked that model because it looks bad ass (which it does) so I gave you same speed and equal bad-assery looking ones but in 8gb. You don't need that large of a PSU unless you later on planning on Crossfiring or if you're running a shit load of monitors. You really don't need that expensive of a mobo either but I'm assuming you picked that because it looks bad ass as well so I kept it. You can easily replace it with a 145$ gigabye z77 and save an extra 100. I threw in a optical drive as well because I don't know if you're scraping one from an old build or whatever but optical drives are still necessary.

fixed got your build to $1400. You're overspending on your cooler, RAM, and motherboard. The Sabertooth is meant for asthaetics more than performance. Plus, the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 has the same, if not more features for almost half the price. G.Skill makes GREAT value memory. Corsair's Dominator RAM is also aesthetic. Lastly, the H100i is only a degree or two colder than the Xigmatek Dark Knight, according to Logan's tests. I also added a case I like a lot too, SO loaded for the cash. 

Like everyone else said, don't get the velociraptor. Go for a Seagate Barracuda 1TB:

Your RAM is also way to expensive, go for G.Skill Ripjaws Series 1866MHz instead:

Overspending on MOBO as well, go for ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 instead:

This should get you to below $1500

This build gives you 512GB of SSD and 660 ti SLI setup that will slaughter a single 7970.


Oh, and FYI; 660 ti SLI is usually equal to, or better than a TITAN for $400 less.

: )


I'd go for this :)

Initially just a 20 dollar bill over your max price, but you get a core i7 3770k, a dual 120 mil rad, 16 GB of 2400 MHz RAM, that 7970 that seems important and a power supply strong enough to power the three of them you can populate the MSI MB with. Also, that board will clock your RAM up to 2800 MHZ, and if you happen to find anything that uses thunderbolt, well you have that option with it as well. Although that is more a gimmickey thing to me. The important part is that you don't need that expensive a drive when you are running the OS off of a SSD, so a Caviar Blue does just well and is more reliable with age. Oh, and I am also REALLY fond of the Bitfenix Raider myself, just know that it is entirely possible to run a custom cooling loop with two 200 mil rads. Or you could mod the hell out of it and get a dual 200 mil rad in the front for some pretty extraordinary cooling potential.

Also, ignore the incompatability alert, that RAM will reclock itself to match the Intel recommended clockrates, so max of 1866. The MB can certainly handle it, and it will also force the processor to deal.

Incredible advice from everyone. Making some adjustments. This is gonna be a killer PC! Will post updated parts list in a bit

Tweaked design. Ditched the GH edition though it is still something I am seeking to incorporate. 

It is featured in this option:

Let me know what you all think