First built computer problems

so i recently just built a computer for the first time and it was working great for awhile but all the sudden its just not im not sure what is wrong exactly but when i turn it on the monitor isnt picking it up. ive tested the cables and monitor and they work fine. these are my computer specs ive looked inside while its "on" and everything is running. fans are on lights are on. but i just cant figure it out. right now my appartment doesnt have internet but ill post pics tomorrow if i can. if a wrong if anyone has any idea of what would be wrong i would really appreciate the help.

try using the integrated GPU (it's likely faster anyways)

did you update your bios to support the FX series?

had no internet so i couldnt update anything. also the motherbord didnt have a intgrated vga port so thats why i was using the $30 evga card.


while i can ill try to post some pics of the insides. theres a pic of my cpu looks like some type of corrosion on the sides ill also upload a 20 second video of it shutting off after i turned it on with the cooling fan off

FX-series cpu's don't have integrated graphics

there is usually one on the chipset though

put the heat sync back on and plug the cpu fan in, check all the connections from your PSU

it was my psu i called new egg and im getting it exchanged