First Build

What are your thoughts and improvements, all comments welcomed :)

I will be overclocking the 8350 and trying for 4.8ghz


hey hey; i would chance a few things on this build.

First of all the ram, i changed it to G-skill sniper 1866mhz 2x4 GB reason for that, they are faster and they are low profile, the ram you selected is realy slow, and high profile you can run into issues wen installing such a large aircoolers.

If you plan to oc to 4.8 ghz i  chanced your the cpu cooler to the phanteks PH-TC14PE this is a better cooler.

I also chanced the videocard to a powercolor 7870XT the reason for that is that a 7870xt is based on the tahiti Le chip same as the 7970, it has 1536 streams processors instead of 1280 on a normal 7870. so that makes it just a better performing card.

About the cpu cooler, i selected it cause of better cooling performance, but the cooler you selected your self would also be a great one.

i also changed the ssd for a samsung 120 gb ssd, they are great but cheaper as the 3k.

Here is the link:

Grtz Angel ☺

thanks for the help! i'm still looking for a case that loks nice


okay i selected a case in my build that i realy like personaly, a NZXT Phantom black full tower, not the cheapest arround but great airflow and cable manegment options.

i personaly ♥ the looks

grtz Angel ☺

Yeah, I definitely like Angel's build.

What short of case are you looking for? Something sleak and flashy, minimalistic, or militaristic/industrial?

I personally really like the Corsair 500R.

something with a window (may seem cheesy but i plan on adding some lights and eventually colored fans) not trying to be too expensive, but good cooling, usb 3.


Also to angel, if the phanteks is $84 lowest, would i be better off with an h100 and save a few bucks?

ofc a case is totaly personal there are many cases with side windows, i personaly like that too.

About the corsair H100 could also be a good option, im not that well known with Lc cooling solutions that i can tell you some detailed specs about it, but i know Logan used it in some of his videos. But i do know those phanteks air coolers are great.

i own that case :) tons of cable management options, lots of room for air flow, and its looks sooo sexyyyyyyyyyy

It might be a little expensive for you, but there's always the NZXT Switch 810:

The Corsair 350D might be more affordable though:

Also, the Phanteks PH-TC14PE should perform about the same as the Corsair H100. The Corsair H100i will perform better than either of them though.

I don't know how much you're looking to spend on a cooler, but the Phanteks is usually cheaper than the all-in-one liquid coolers.