First Build

Hey guys, my first post here I saw over on the youtube channel this was a good place to ask questions, so I wanted to know what you guys think about my proposal for a build i will justify my choices with each part. Here it is: 

Looks like a solid build to me, i'd go for a 650W psu however. 520W is really not enough for 3570k with 3GB 7950. And try to get a H77 or Z77 board instead. I don't know if the B75 chipset is great for OC'ing. 

Newegg PSU calculator recommends 530 minimum for this kind of build. So go with a XFX PRO 650W, really good psu, 80+ certified, single 12V rail and build with Seasonic parts.

Reccomend any particular mobo make and/or model?

I'll look into it thanks!

changed mobo to MSI Z77A-G41 ATX LGA1155 Motherboard and changed PSU to 

The MSI Z77A-G43 is a good motherboard.1155, 4x DDR3, 4x SATA-300, 2x SATA-600. However, it is quite expensive compared to the other one you picked (with the B75 chipset). The MSI H77MA-G43 is a cheaper alternative. The Z77 one is build with military class components though, so it's a great quality board. The Z77 board is also really loaded with features, you can overclock your CPU, GPU and RAM. So the choice is up to you. H77 is also recommended for Ivy Bridge builds instead of B75.


On a side note: how many monitors are you going to use? For 1 monitor, 3GB is overkill. 

I hgave the 620W edition of that 520W PSU and it works awesome. And it's only $10-$15 more.

I know, but I heard that having 3GB would make it very future proof? Apparently BF3 on ultra settings uses 1.5gb at times so in the next couple of years I'm anticipating much more, I also chose that card for it's overclockability, XFX are great. I may be wrong about the ram though. Do you agrree with my thoughts on future games?


Thanks for the advice I'm definatley overclocking my GPU by 150 MHZ and overcloking my CPU maybe by 100 MHz and I'm not sure about Overclocking my RAM is it really necessary?

Hmm much VRAM doesn't make a GPU future proof. A really fast card makes a GPU future proof, e.g the 7970 will last a long time without upgrading. Is Vram more important than clock speed for example? Maybe. Is it the most important longevity item on a graphics card? Really depends. The more Vram you have, the higher you can set your resolution, textures and anti-aliasing. It's up to you.

Would MSI's Afterburner Utility for OC'ing work on the XFX card?

I think so. There is a chance that voltage control is disabled, otherwise you could try Asus GPU tweak or another tool.

600+ watt psu.

different case.

i wouldn't get an ssd, could get a 680 or 7970 with that almighty dollar. 680 may be better for 3d rendering with the cuda cores nd whatnot. and i also would probably rather go with an asus or asrock motherboard.