First Build (under$1200) All round machine! Suggestions?

Hey guys I recently found a great interest in wanting to build a new PC (first time). Im kinda new to all the makes and models of all the parts so thats where I need some help. I was hoping to find a start to finish list of all the best parts under around $1200 that would be compatible with each other.

So far Ive been using as reference tek syndicates two links:

I'll be honest I'm not a hardcore gamer although I do like to game a bit and enjoy high quality graphics but mainly I wanted to build the best all purpose PC - multitasking, multimedia, office use, browsing etc. Im sick of lagging and crashing and I want a machine :)

This will be an all around computer. Virtual Machines for work, Gaming and movies for pleasure. I tend to make my systems last a LONG time and don't upgrade much at all. This is my first new build in about 5 years.

Do you guys recommend either of the two tek syndicate builds as they are and if so which one is better and more well rounded?


Thanks in advance!

Go with the second link, but change the 212 evo to either the corsair h80, h80i, h100, h100i, Kraken x40, or Kraken X60. Also instead of getting a 1.5 tb 5900rpm you should get a 1-3 TB 7200 RPM the speed difference will be very noticable. And the last thing, sometimes you can find GTX 670s on sale if you see one for under $400 and you can't find a 7970 for a good price, the 670 is an amazing card not quite as good as the 7970.

I also dont think I will be over clocking because to be honest I have no idea what it is lol so would I still need the upgraded corsair or would I pass with the normal recommended heatsink? Someone also recommended that if not overclocking Intel Core i5-3570k might be a good choice? Much difference? and do i deffinitely need the liquid cooler?


Sorry to be asking stupid question just trying to understand it all.. Thanks!

How about compared to this? It seems pretty solid, is it better then the one posted before?

Yeah, that AMD rig is really nice however do you plan to be streaming or recording gameplay?

If so the AMD rig is perfect, if not I would change the processor to either the 3570, 3570k, but if you're not overclocking AT ALL, get the one that doesn't have a K on the end and you don't have to buy a heat sink you can use the one that comes with the i5. Thats only if you arent streaming, if you are just keep everything the same. Also for the motherboard on the i5 based build: ASrock Z77 Extreme4. Also you can updrade to the XFX Double D Radeon HD 7970, total price: 1204.91 Or instead of upgrading the graphics card, you could get another 16 GB Ram

Nah not planning to stream or record or over clock either... What you suggested sounds good but I think it goes a little over my budget.. I dont wanna fiddle around with it too much after putting it together so something solid but simple could work