First Build SSD and GPU Help

My current parts list:

CPU: Intel Core i7 4790k

Motherboard: Asus Z97-Pro

CPU Cooler: H100i

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8) DDR3-1600

*GPU: EVGA GTX 770 2GB or 4GB

Case: Fractal Design Define R4

PSU: Seasonic 760 watt 80+ Platinum Fully Modular

Monitor: Asus PB238Q

Mouse: Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Keyboard: One of the Cooler Master Models (Probably Brown, but maybe Blue)


This is my first build. I plan to use it for gaming and video editing (After Effects, Premiere, etc.). I chose the i7 for it's performance with editing, along with the H100i for it's reliability and ability to over clock. The RAM is once again for video editing (I know 16GB is a bit overkill for gaming). I chose this motherboard because of Asus's solid reputation and well rounded boards. And the case and PSU because of their understated ability to just work. I'll take any advice on these choices, but these are the parts that I'm not really second guessing.

*I do not have the budget for a 780, but would like to go the Nvidia route for it's CUDA technology with Premiere. I was trying to decide between the 760 and 770, but I think I want to stick with the 770. My only issue is the amount of memory. I am only running a single 1080p monitor, which generally would not require more than 2GB. However, I keep hearing that newer games are utilizing a lot more memory. I am trying to determine if it is worth the premium.

**I want to run an SSD at least for the boot drive if not for all storage (I won't have that many files beyond video and programs/games). However, the SSD market is very diverse and a little complicated to navigate despite my research. I have been looking at the 840 EVO, the MX100, the Vector 150, the SP920, and the 840/850 Pro. I do not have a very large budget as I must also buy peripherals, and cannot determine if the price premium on the Pro Samsung drives are worth it. In addition, despite the rave reviews, I am a little wary to jump on the EVO due to the TLC architecture, even if I only use it to read files as a boot drive. Which setup would be best as far as SSD plus HDD, just SSD, and price to performance/longevity?

I apologize for the amount of information, but I'd really appreciate any advise this community could give me. Thank you!

Price/Performance winner in SSD is by far the 840 EVO, and I'm sure lots of people here will recommend it as well. I have had 3 so far and no problems at all. The price premium you pay for the Pro is not worth it if you're only using it consumergrade, the Pro is more for enterprises I think. 250GB is the optimal size, I currently have a 3TB HDD and my 120GB Evo and it feels too small, so I won't go below 250 anymore. 3TB might be a bit overkill, but it depends on the files you plan to edit (how many, how big). Editing workstations have tons of HDDs, usually in RAID 1, but for me this is enough.

Do not go for the 4GB version of the 770. If you have an old card you can use wait for the 8xx launch in november, it will probably be worth it. VRAM is always debatable, so I won't go into detail too much here.

Apart from that, a decent built you got yourself there. You only benefit of 16 gigs of RAM in quad-channel which you can only get on X79, but 16 are kind of future-proof (a term which should be carefully used) so you should still go for it.

I'd recommend a Crucial MX100 over the 840 Evo. The 256GB MX100 and 250GB 840 Evo trade blows when it comes to speed ( ), but the MX100 can be had for $110, which is around $30 cheaper.

I do own a MX100 myself so I'm sure there's a little bias there, but I do truly believe it to be the better purchase.

The Evo is way cheaper where I live, and the only Crucial SSD I ever had failed, so I'll stick to Samsung^^ I'm biased too, so don't worry ;) 6 Samsung SSDs can't make you jump to HyperX from one moment to the other.. (Though I would really like to try the 3K and the Intel 530)

I've got the 120GB HyperX 3K and absolutely love it.