First build - Need advice

Hey everyone, 

I've made my first PC build, and before I order all the parts, I want to make sure I have all the good gear, I've did quite a bit of research on parts , but advice is always good.

My budget was around €1200, it is €1386 with the parts I have chosen.
I'll be using it for gaming/recording/editing, but mostly gaming.

I'll probably overclock my system a bit, as I am new to it.
Heres everything :

  • Case : Cooler Master CM Storm Scout 2 - €79,90
  • CPU : Intel Core i5-3570k - €219,90
  • CU Cooler : Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO - €24,99
  • GPU : EVGA GeForce GTX 670 FTW - €379,00
  • RAM : Corsair 8 GB DD3R-1600 - €74,90
  • OS : Windows 8 Pro - €0,00 (Already bought it when it was €30)
  • HDD : Seagate 1TB - €62,90
  • SSD : Samsung 128 GB - €124,90
  • MOBO : ASROCK Z77 Extreme4 - €124,90
  • PSU : Corsair CMPSU-600CX - €69,90
  • Keyboard : Vengeance K95 -  €150,00
  • Mouse : Vengeance M65 - €74,90
  • Optical drive : Use from old computer

Any feedback is appreciated.

you wan't a cm hyper 212 evo, you got a few different product lines run together there

you're overpaying for a corsair cx600, it's not a bad psu, but i probably paid <1/2 that

wd caviar drives are much more reliable it you can find one around the same price

Ok, So I used Germany, just so it could be in Euros.

Note: just suggestions of what I would do, also I left a little room for keyboard and mouse if you go up to around 1386 Euros.

What PSU do you recommend than?

You're probably a better off trading in that 670 FTW for a Radeon HD 7950 as it is cheaper and better performing when both cards are overclocked to their recommended average OCs. Even at stock clock the difference is so small that it is definitely not worth the extra money a 670 costs. You can invest the money saved into getting a larger HDD. Really, 1TB sounds like a lot but you will start to get uncomfortable once you get down to only 300GB or less remaining. (from what I searched up you save up to 130 Euros, and an average of around 90 Euros from the GPU switch)

Also depending on how much you will overclock, you may want to get an i5 2500k instead. It is a desktop after all, so there's no reason to care about power consumption on the CPU. Better to have a larger die for the heat to dissipate properly.

There is literally no reason to get a 2500k over a 3570k if you aren't overclocking past 5.2gHz.

There is plenty of reason if you are using air cooling. Keeping lower temperatures at moderately high overclocks will extend the life of the chip.

You make it sound as if Ivy Bridge runs that much hotter. It doesn't. The majority of chips he could possibly buy are going to be made post-manufacturing update, from Costa Rica. The "terrible" temps you are seeing are from before the official release of Ivy, when manufacturing samples were distributed. My 3770k is absolutely stunning on air, never going above 74 C at 4.8gHz with IntelBurnTest. That was with one fan.

Instead of a 670 go with the gtx 760 because it's almost the same card and is allot cheaper.