First build, kinda of a noob xD

here is what i managed to fenagle together. any ideas or suggestions?

I will be doing gaming, editing, rendering, and streaming.

Perfect for what you're going to be doing. But you can easily get similar performance for a lower price.. If budget isn't too big of an issue, then go for this. 

If you think you want to save a bit, heres what you can do:

AMD FX 8320 (8320 because it's the same as the 8350, just clocked lower, which you can overclock easily)

Cooler Master Seidon 120

G.Skill 2x4 1600mhz RAM

Biostar 990FX Motherboard

The hard drive and SSD is perfectly fine

Power supply is good

AMD Radeon HD 7970 OR the GTX 670 would probably do fine, (670 is really good overclocked)

Thermaltake V3 black edition Case ($40, Mid tower, really good airflow..)

And is Blu-Ray really necessary? 

You could save about $250-300 if you choose this build, and it should be perfectly fine

Sorry super late response, but yea bluray is a must for me right now because no bluray player and lots of blurays in my room, but i changed up the build a little more as to your advice.