First Build, Help

Hey Guys,

So, this will be my first PC build.  I hope to game on this PC with fairly decent frame rates.  I wont go into FPS becuase I have no idea what to expect from a PC in this price range.  I also need to know what size PSU I should get. Feel free to tell me what type of upgrades to get, and if I should swap stuff out, but it needs to be linux compatible, I'm too cheap to buy windows. 

My Build (no PSU)

Case- AZZA Orion 202 evo black,  31 bucks after rebate

Mobo- GIGABYTE GA-F2A85XM-D3H FM2 AMD A85X, 90 bucks on newegg

Dedicated Graphics- Gigabyte GV-R667D3-1GI Radeon HD 6670, 50 bucks after rebate

CPU/APU- AMD A10-5800k 3.8GHz, 130 bucks on newegg

RAM- Corsair Vengance 8gb DDR3 1600MHz, 34 bucks from amazon

HDD- WD Caviar Blue 500gb SATA3 7200, 56 bucks at amazon.   

Will a Corsair Builder Series CX500 80+ be enough. I assumed so, but I'd like to make sure, and you all seem like a very knowlegable group of people.  So it totals out at 440.93 USD after Mail-in Rebates.  I'd like to keep it in that range, but no more than 470 USD.  Thanks in advance for the help. 

For that APU your going to want faster ram even with dedicated graphics.

That PSU looks like it would run everything

Hard drive is okay but it would be slow so ssd or go home

So possibly skimper on a dedicated card and get faster ram and a faster hard drive or a SSD