First build (Help Please)

Hey everyone, 

Im building my own rig for the first time :) The parts im going to buy : CPU: AMD Fx6300 black edition GPU: EVGA 750 TI FTW RAM: 2x4gb Kingston Hyperx fury 1866 mhz. Cooler master k380 advanced 3.0 (i know bad choice but cant send it back :( MOBO: MSI 970a-G43. 

Can someone tell what i can expect from this build. Like the frame rates on most games. (BF3, Dayz, Bioshock Infinite, Titanfall, COD. 

Thanks in advance 

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You will get 80fps in bf3, Dayz you will get about 50, Bioshock will play on ultra but like 40fps, titanfall medium 50fps, Cod will be like 70fps! just quick predictions 

Ya know a guick google could answer your ?. A search in Youtube?I personally would get a stronger gpu than a 750ti. You can get 270 270x 280 would be a much better choice.

GPU - What kind of monitor are you running? If your just going for a top notch 1080p rig I would grab either the Radeon R9 270x or 280x, if you wanna run with Nvidia card then the gtx 760 or 770 is where its at. At a 1080p resolution all those cards will perform well 270x, 760, 280x and 770 in order of the power/performance if that helps.

CPU - The 6300 is a pretty solid offering from AMD and definately will play your games for sure. When I ran AMD I used the FX 8320 CPU and loved that thing its a lower binned 8350 and I must have got the golden chip because with just a Corsair H60 on the thing I was able to push 4.9 Ghz stable at relatively low voltage. Another plus on the 6300 as well as the 8320 is they run cooler with higher overclocks than their competition in the Haswell line(Unless the refresh fixes it, from what I hear thats about all it fixes). Last in this category is single threaded applications which is where AMD takes a hit pretty hard from the competition, core to core AMD just doesn't stack up well against Intel's offerings. Conversely Intel doesn't stack up against AMD price to performance ratios.

Motherboard - I started the aforementioned build with the FX 8320 on a 970 chipset board (from Gigabyte) but a little later ran into the opportunity to make $ off my 970 and grab up the Asus M5A99FX Pro r2.0 motherboard(I quit buying Asus recently because I hate paying for their advertisement, I went Asrock who saves all the advertisement cost and passes savings on. Just as solid quality.) Anyway the 970 I had I was only able to get the CPU up to a 4.5 Ghz stable and at higher voltage than what I could attain with the 990. Might have been a Mosfet or Capacitor thing, maybe VRM I dunno. No issues from the 990 it was born to  push that FX line hard.

What to expect. With the config you posted I would imagine at 1080p your looking at performance in the 30 fps range on max settings for most modern games. More graphically intensive games usually you can drop the AA and keep the better settings if you have issues. Looks like most reviewers have most iterations of the card running fairly cool so you got some room to overclock the hell out of it till your thermal headroom closes in. 

This post is the opinion of Khiol on the original posters build and question. Its just an opinion based on personal experience mixed with product reviews and benchmarks. Still opinion though.

Ok thx for the quick reaction! 

I searched a lot and dindn't find any answers, But thx for the tip! 

Hey man,

I really thank you for all the information you gave me it really helped!