First Build Good Or Bad? And Need Help PSU

I am going to build my first pc I did my homewoork and I know what I want:

CPU:I5 2500k

GPU: 660ti

Motherboard: ASRock z77 pro4

PSU: need help!

SSD: OCZ vertex 4 64 gb

Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8gb (2x4) 1600 mhz

Case: Cooler Master HAF 912

HDD: Don't know yet probebly something later on

So I need help to see if everything is compadible or everything fit and all that the budget was aboute $1000 the PSU I need help with I thought abute the XFX ProSeries 750w is that good or not?

All help are apresieted! And Thank You!

PSU: That 750 from XFX is definitely plenty with a ton of leg room if you wish to add much more power hungry cards in the future and OC your 2500k.

I do not see a heatsink i highly recomend one if you plan to OC that 2500k, a Hyper 212 EVO is a very good budget cooler. THe havik 140 also fits in your case and would be a really wonderful adition to your rig, giving you plenty of cooling for pushing your 2500k.If you do decide to get a aftermarket cooler, get the low profile Vengeance kit , makes clearence issues dissapear.

If you plan to get a 64gb ssd i highly recomend you get a small hard drive to go with it for your games and files, a large portion of your ssd will be gone with just the windows install alone. Add a few newer games that can be over 7+gigs  and you will quickly run out of room.

That 660Ti is a proper nice card, can you post what prices your parts cost? Maybe we can help you find better deals.



At this moment I am using a really old laptop (SINGLE CORE) but here is price:

CPU: £150

Motherboard: £83

Ram: £33

Case: £61

SSD: £58

GPU:  £230-250 (depending on brand)

PSU: Don't know

HDD: probebly £50 or so

all in all without PSU: £670

If the xfx psu fits your price point then go for it.  xfx psu are generally really good.