First build for myself

So hello I'm going a PC for myself. It's not my first build, but it is the first build for myself so im not sure what to pick to get the best for me. I have an old laptop with wich i can do some light every day tasks but it doesn't handle what I want to with it. So I want to build this new computer for gaming, from time to time some editing in lightworks and every day tasks etc. This is what I have planned to build and I would like to have some feetback from you what you think about this, and what you would change.

Thank you :)

P.s sorry for my English, it is not my main language.

here the link

Tank you for the quick answer. I'll rather take the bigger ssd and add a hdd later. I should have said that there are some parts going in this pc later (optical drive, hdd) because I don't have enough money at the moment. Would you change something else?

I'd pick up the Hyper 212 instead of the T4.  A lot better cooling performance for not a whole lot more money.

I thought about that one too but the pricing were I live is very unstable, Sometimes it's about 10€ more expensive, sometimes the same as the t4. But thank you i'll think about it.

What would you recommend for a SSD? I´m thinking about the ADATA sp900, Crucial Mx100 or the Samsung 840 evo (all 250 gb) . Wich of them is the best, or have you any other recommendations?