First Build $1500

Here is my first build.

Will this be able to run Titanfall, BF4, and future games on max settings? I have heard that the FX 8320 is a little weak, but the jump from the 8320 to 8350 is $50. Please leave any suggestions below and feel free to switch around the build as long as it remains under $1500.


The 8320 isn't weak. The only difference between it and the 8350 is clock speed. You can easily OC most 8320s to 8350 speeds or higher. 

As for your build. Some suggestions.

Get a different cooler. For around that price range an air cooler would prob be better. Noctua has some really nice units for around $70 that will do a better job than the H55.

I don't much experience with that motherboard and I really recommend a 990FX board if you are going for an 8 core, especially if you want to OC. Check out the Asus M5A99FX Pro/Evo. 

The RAM is kind of expensive. There is no benefit to 2400Mhz RAM in gaming. Find some cheap 1600Mhz RAM and you'll be good. 

The HDD. The Caviar Blue is much cheaper and while it is a bit slower and has a shorter warranty I'd still think I'd go with it and save the $20. You have an SSD for boot anyway so the slight speed increase you get with the Black isn't really as important. 

That PSU is quite expensive and you'll only need around 550W for this system. Lower your wattage and find a cheaper model. Just be sure it has good ratings, a single 12V rail and is at least 80+ Bronze certified. 

Do you really need an optical drive?

Other than those looks like a really good build. 

Thanks guys!

Alright I switched the cooler for a better h80i, the case to a Corsair 200R, the M5A99FX Pro motherboard, switched around the ram, and power supply. I got to $1500.35

Everything look good?