Firefox Quantum aka Current beta, is super speedy

Has anyone else been using the Firefox beta and nightlies?

57 just landed in beta (aka Fx quantum), named such apparently for the pretty large speed improvement.

I’ve been using nightly a while and its been pretty noticable. That along with good (imo) UI improvements, more support for media, etc. its shiny

Recently, I’ve had pretty much no reasson to even consider using Chrome.


I have not used chrome since 9 or 10. :slight_smile:

been amazing though ive had issue with leaving firefox open for too long and having it consume more ram than chrome :frowning:

I have not noticed but have 32gigs of ram and use hardware acceleration. Windows thing or linux ?

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You can grab memory measurements from about:memory to find the culprit, an extension maybe? (you can free memory there as well)

also check about:performance


ah… the cool part to firefox.

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will have to give it a go then :smiley:

I am assuming that they have improved the multiprocess/multithreading aspect.

There seems to have been some big leaps in those areas recently. Electrolysis and Quantum seem to have been the heavy focus. quantum being the new engine, the news peice suggest it also takes stuff/ideas from servo.

Interested but it takes too long to train/config my pluginin stack. Will wait for release.

I’ve been using nightly for a while not as my main browser thats still vivaldi
but when I do which is userally to watch a twitch vod so vivaldi doesnt go super slow since twitch uses my cpu alot its very quick alot quicker then before

Yeah I’ve been using this in the FF Nightly, which was already using Quantum. Really awesome stuff. Can’t wait for it to hit mainline.

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I think it’s going from bad to worse. I don’t know about the rest of you but I really really don’t like the simplistic trend that everybody is using. The new photon GUI looks like it was made in MS paint. No colours, No details, No depth, No nothing. It’s all just blunt and ugly. I don’t even know whether it’s possible to butcher it any further.
Look at this FF version 3

Version 20

I think these look much better. Even the logo it self is getting dumbed down.

What’s next black and white version?

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Is the only complaint that they went to a flattened design? What would you have prefered?

The UI its self hasnt changed in functionality, its as customisable as it was. So it seems to just be that they dont use coloured icons anymore for most things?

This is a more abstract take on the logo, although it’s a stretch to argue that a sphere can represent the globe. They could’ve put something on it to show it’s the world the fox is wrapped around.

Looks great on linux.

Haven’t been running firefox for awhile, been using waterfox. Went to try waterfox to see how it ran after not using it for years and started editing the config for it and now I don’t want to switch. Might have to give that a try when it’s released to see how it does.

I tried Waterfox years ago, lost all my settings. Thankfully, I backed them all up with an extension, so it was only a minor setback.

I have to admit I went to waterfox after certain choices were made on the mainstream firefox. Screwing with my addons is no-go.

Damn, I completely forgot about waterfox. Haven’t used it since I made the switch to Linux. How is it working on Linux for you guys?
It seems to only have been available for Linux since version 50.