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Firefox Quantum aka Current beta, is super speedy

Switched from Chrome to Nightly because of earlier thread and forgot basically same day that I’m not using Chrome which I had been using since Windows Vista

Screenshot thing is most convenient feature

Right click, select & save

Right click, select, resize & save

sneakey little iceweasel

anyone know how far this is from stable?

I will like it a lot better when stylish updates for it.

57 will be available in November, it’s in the article :stuck_out_tongue:

Think it would be appropriate to compare that beta and nightly

They have a blog that keeps updates in what’s new in their nightly branch.

But I’m already feeling myself not being that into testing old Firefox beta since I’m using that Nightly, and it must work the other way around too that someone whos liking that antique look refuses to test Nightly

Which is why just setting looks side by side, point out if there is some real differences

Weird that Mozilla is not doing that

But its just matter of time I think before Chrome switches back to Firefox w/e although it’ll take damn long time, because I dont think its been even year since last time I read someone being happy about how much faster Chrome is, even though I’ve been telling for him to just use Chrome since Vista…

WTF. :smiley:

And now I’ve switched back, its going to be same pointless stalling again :upside_down_face:

Nightly has all the changes the beta has, nightly is one version ahead. So last week you were already running the release the beta release they are talking about

I see, havent noted any difference then

Its same Chrome speed as it was …what? six months ago

They have gone through tiny weird UI changes and switching around things, and for me its been more about checking if some addon has updated yet

Basically that speed is where its only notable when furiously arrowing forward some manga pages, its like does the page spawn that image as 2 parts or instantly as 1 when page loads instantly from click :smiley:

Have to benchmark browser like how many cat pictures per second it’ll spawn when letting arrow load next pages :ok_hand:

It’s been gradual but it’s noticeable if you compare 57 or nightly from before all the multi process and engine changes. Some of these things have been in nightly for a good few releases now.

Well thats true I did not think that one, I know that feeling very well when going back to something and its just awfully sluggish

Like 60Hz desktop ghosting and feeling weird :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Eden do you have any idea if there is some way to get smooth scrolling to be sharper?

Atm its so that its easier to read stuff without smooth scrolling because its staying sharp, and this smooth blur mess just looks pretty but is not readable

Interesting, will try.

Flat design is not the only thing. The fox in their logo is losing details as the version number progresses. As well as the blue globe. Right now it’s just a blue ball. I would have preferred this logo. I don’t know from what version this is but you can tell the fur has more detail compared to the second one from bottom.

Also I would like to have the search bar back. I don’t know whether it’s obsession with empty design or just laziness. But the worst thing is everyone is doing it.

It’s not just faster, or challenging chrome. It just plain goddamn murders chrome.
Not even a contest.

Test it yourself here

or here

I’ve been using Nightly for a while but it’s only since having to go back to Chrome or Firefox that I really noticed how much faster it’s become since 57. This is amazing. It runs like greased lightning on my work machine (which has 4GB of RAM and a Q6600) and on my C2D-based W500. It wasn’t always like that.

I no longer have to wait a couple seconds for Firefox to load up when I start it. It just starts now. Not quite to Chrome or Edge levels, but it’s getting there.

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I tried the beta as well as soon as it was released. So now I have three different versions of Firefox installed. Firefox 56, Developer Edition which is 57 Beta and Nightly which is 58 :slight_smile: