Firefox on android runs addons

I don't think this has been mentioned. I'm running Firefox nightly and noticed it now runs addons. I'm not sure when they added it but its great. I can now run ublock origin, https everywhere and the usual.

Another good reason to use Firefox. :)


I use chrome on my android but it does really matter anyway since I don't use the browser at home and don't have mobile data atm

I need to try this on my phone and Nexus 7. the ads are driving me insane.

Yeah...It been added for quite a while now. uBlock and https everywhere run fine.

Well since 2011 I guess, but some are still broken. Firefox becomes more and more bloated even on mobile, so why not use a more lightweight browser and block your ads in the hostfile?

The host file requires root and constant editing . what would be a better browser? Anything that uses gecjo or WebKit are just as big as chrome and Firefox

I use lightning and tint and adaway for blocking. Yes it requires root, but so do many useful things on android.