Firefox 89.0 discussion

The purpose of this thread is to discuss the changes to Firefox 89. I was inspired by my experiences with the new proton tabs, and wanted to see if the community felt the same way.

The biggest issue I’ve had with Mozilla is that every time they roll out a new update, they strip power user features.

My other grievances with mozilla

it took them a month and a half to fix youtube full screen videos on ios
FXIOS-1665 ⁃ Can't play youtube videos in fullscreen mode on iPad · Issue #8267 · mozilla-mobile/firefox-ios · GitHub

Their android redesign reduced extension support and introduced a number of missing features and controversial design decisions
bedHedd's blog because discourse > twitter - #2 by bedHedd
FAQ for extension support in new Firefox for Android | Mozilla Add-ons Blog
Mozilla's next-gen Firefox hits stable after a year of previews, without full extension support (APK Download)
Mozilla Launches Revamped Firefox for Android, With the URL Bar on the Bottom | PCMag

For example

at least there’s a better solution when they eventually remove this config

the community is not exactly happy either

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At this rate, I wonder how long until a group of people fork their own version firefox with blackjack and hookers

oh I just realized that I’m horribly late to this party :older_man:

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i stumbled onto a 5 year old screen recording the other day, turns out it would be fair to call the rounded corners of “tabs” a step backward :wink:


They really seem to try hard to drive away people. The only reason I have FF even installed anymore is because my uni uses a closed source video player that doesn’t work on my chromium based browsers…

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I honestly never noticed any difference in the tabs.

Not everyone notices or even cares.


I’ve noticed on ios (where I can’t change it), the other issue is that if you have 20 tabs open the titles are even harder to see because of the horizontal padding, lastly the mute tab is really hard to see.


I am all for such things… as long as the fork has good experienced developers on-board who are able and willing to work on the under-the-hood issues as well. Keeping a forked codebase compile-able is one thing, but keeping it timely patched of newly-discovered security issues is another.

Pale Moon and Waterfox already exist, but I worry that as comparatively small/niche projects their code is less-tested for bugs, and the resulting patches likewise under less scrutiny.

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