Firefox 29?

Am I the only one getting silliness from the new firefox? I keep finding icons in my toolbar that I didn't put there.

Nope, I get that too, FF29 doesn't seem quite ready yet...

Actually, I'm using FF ESR most of the time, it just seems more usable in many aspects.

I'm also getting a lot of html5 bugs since FF 28, and ESR seems to work just fine.

I like the new design looks cleaner. 

But why the hell haven't they combined the search bar and nav bar yet? It is so dumb. Thats just me at least. 

waterfox = 64bit firefox

you can remove the search bar and use the nav bar for searching

Strange, can't say I have had any issues with Firefox 29.0 - Using KDE, Gnome3, XFCE, Cinnamon, E17 and Unity.

Probably my setup lol.

Am using Firefox 29 with KDE and it works just fine.

I havent tried customizing the buttons yet, but on gentoo firefox-bin package I'm not finding the customize option to 'use small buttons' that we used to have. otherwise it looks like a good firefox..