Finding new batteries for a Tripplite UPS

I recently acquired a Tripplite SU1500RTXL2UA from my workplace. It was going to go in the trash but I was able to snag it. I want to use it for a couple computers I have at my house. The only thing that is wrong with it is that it needs a new battery. The replace battery light is on and it beeps every couple of seconds. I looked on Tripplite’s website and the replacement batteries would cost around $200. So my question is where could I get the best price for replacing these batteries? Any and all help is appreciated, thank you.

That’s an $800 ups, so 200 for new batteries doesn’t sound so bad. It’s a nice unit, double conversion so it’s harder on batteries than the standby type.

Trying to go cheaper is going to be trouble, you’ll get counterfeit or nock-off batteries that look good but work poorly.


Seems like it only takes “external” battery packs, which is a very nice feature. Do you have the old external battery pack? If so, according to this Amazon ad, the internal cells are simply 4x 12v lead-acid packs connected in series, each with a capacity of (about; can’t make out exactly what it is from the ad) 9ah. If this is the case, that makes replacement easy.

What you can do is buy 4x new 12v 9ah lead-acid batteries and replace the old ones in the pack. I HIGHLY recommend against purchasing no-name/unbranded lead-acid batteries, as they die much sooner then proper OEM parts. It is cheaper in the long-run to purchase name-brand lead-acid batteries.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can replace the lead acid batteries with LiFePO4 cells (or less preferably Li-Ion/Lipo), which will have a much higher capacity, but be very expensive.

If you’re feeling incredibly adventerous (and have deep pockets), you can replace the lead-acid pack with one based on super-capacitors. The super-capacitor pack will be very expensive, hold a much smaller amount of energy, however, will likely outlive the UPS itself.

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The batteries are internal, but the unit has a heavy duty external DC connection on the back for extended run modules.

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I can’t find any information in regards to the UPS having internal batteries. Seems like they’re only external for this model of UPS. I know other models of UPS have both internal and external batteries, but not sure about this one.

The batteries look like this. I already took out the old one from the inside of the ups.

The items you highlighted are optional external packs, which are part of the “extended runtime” feature of this unit. The internal batteries are located behind the removable front cover of the UPS. Here is the replacement internal battery pack:



you can blow and waste all the money in the work getting assembled battery backs but, they all use the same lead acid batteries no matter the brand, i just buy the batteries and repalce the old ones in the existing pack. much cheaper.

usually 12v 9ah

takes your apart and confirm you could save some $$$

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Woops, I missed that. Thanks for correcting me @gordonthree !

Then yeah, you don’t have to buy the pack from TrippLite, but can instead just replace those lead-acid batteries with identical models, or if you feel adventurous, take one of the other paths that I listed in my original reply.

IMO, well worth it. That’s a nice UPS.

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I opened up the battery pack and found that they are 12v 7ah batteries by B.B. Battery. So I am planning to buy these. I should be able to save a lot of money. I took pictures and a video of the way that they were connected to each other. The cables connecting them looked fine. So hopefully when I get them everything will work out fine. Thank you all for your help.

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the 9 am hours should be nearly the same price as the 7 am hours and will net you a little wii bit more run time and will be the exact same size physically.

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I recommend you double check the charge and discharge rates. All small SLA batteries are not identical. Some are designed for low-draw use like emergency exit lighting. Some are designed for high-draw applications like a UPS, or children’s motorized toy vehicles.

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did not know that, so far no issue any of my UPS i have seen quite a few sold on amazon for electric scooters and what not. technically yes them ore AH the less the discharge rate but, what a friend of mine and i found is that is that discharge rate form 7AH to 9AH didn’t go down enough to matter then again we’ve never loaded a UPS to maximum capacity either.

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