Finally time to upgrade?

Need an upgrade methinks at this point. Currently have a Radeon HD 7870 because I found one for stupid cheap a year or so ago(like 100 bucks or something) but want a little more oomph, and to get away from AMD drivers. Haven't even looked in a while so not entirely sure what to look at. Need something juicier with a budget less than 400 or less.

Also I have a Corsair HX650w PSU so not sure how power consumption would/will play into it or if I need to upgrade that at some point as well. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Other specs
Mobo-Sabertooth R2.0 990fx
HDD-Seagate 1TB


I'm still rocking my GTX 460.

It may be worth it waiting until AMD rolls out their R9 3XX-series, just to see how that affects prices.

If you just want something right now, you'll see a big performance jump with either the R9 290, or the GTX 970. Your PSU should be able to handedly support both of those, although the R9 290 will cause more stress.