Finally the Q6600 a certain smart person gave me is installed but

Finally the Q6600 some intelligent and generous person gave me is installed but I think the ram from what I understand in regards to overclocking with socket 775 eh the speed of my ram is holding me back. I have 2 GB of DDR2-667 ram and just wanted to confirm that the issue with overclocking with this cpu is ram related besides of course cooling being an issue. Cooling I have btw for this cpu is a tower cooler that rated well. I have gotten the thing to be stable at 3 GHz but wish to go a little higher. Btw this mobo I have does support faster ram. It is the Gigabyte EP43-DS3L and says it supports DDR2-1200 ram (rare) if you can find it. LOL! Anyway I see that DDR2-1066 ram is fairly pricey on Ebay and so I have to ask will DDR2-800 ram be fine? Is there anything on Ebay in terms of brand you see that I should buy? Anyway this pc was the first pc I ever built my son and is still ticking. I was hoping to use it as a WOW machine for him still that he could have at his stepmom’s. It was used for WOW many times before with the memory it has in it now and with the replaced e5200 but again someone generously sent me the Q6600 so … upgrade time. Any thoughts / suggestions? Btw changed to the 64 bit Windows 7 OS and thus ram issues not just in regards to overclocking but having enough ram for the pc to do anything. With just the OS it has 90+ % ram usage. LOL!

just swap out the ram with higher capacity modules?

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Yeah I have a 775 board but I got a new-ish one that supports DDR3 so I can have 8gb. When I was on 4 it was barely enough running Win7, couldn’t multitask but would do okay for a WoW box :white_check_mark:

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Yeah if you are going to up your baseclock your ram will run faster, potentially pushing them to instability. You should set the ram speed to the lowest possible and up your baseclock to match their rated speed. If your cpu can get that high of course.


Yeah I knew to increase the ram but was not sure what to pay for it and if the faster ram was worth it and found out elsewhere it really isn’t. Now of all people it may be my mom that has some ram laying around from busted pcs that I can use and she is bringing it today. She doesn’t know what pc stuff she has though in terms of hardware. Also found out that Digital Friends, a local electronics recycling store, sells 2 GB DDR2 (any speed you can find) sticks for $10 so if need be that is an option. I would have preferred $5 but business is business. Finally my ad I put up has someone who is willing to give me a box of pc stuff and possibly be throwing in an e8200 (I think that was it.) cpu. Shocked he would not sell it but he is not hurting for money after hearing all he has done on his own to make money the hard way and strange ways at times. He also mentioned selling bitcoin at $22K at one point so … LOL! Dedicated miner that has moved onto other currency. So anyway I guess this is all resolved. I think though that if in the future things change and I have to buy it somewhere Ebay from China definitely is the route to go.

I was just talking to a guy about that very thing. : ) I talked with my son the other night about boards that supported DDR3. : )