(Finally) Got around to reading Ready Player One. My Thoughts

Saw the movie actually watched it in 3D VR for a true immersion experience which was very badass.

Finally got the book (with audible audiobook too) a few days ago. My god both are good in their own ways but comparing the two the book is easily the clear victor with the movie having to reshape a good chunk of the narrative to obviously meet the time constraints that come with film making

The biggest thing that stood out to me with the book was when the IOI indenturement (hopefully spelled that right) part happened and Wade’s plan to get to the crystal gate starts to form. I thought that part was amazing.

Not gonna lie, while reading the book and also after watching the movie I found myself craving a real world Oasis because of all the different things you could do plus I loved the idea of how VR worked in the book and as a tech geek (go figure) I wanted to see something like this happen. Of course we still have ways to go before it becomes a reality but I think it will actually be around the 30s-40s like in the book

You mean Minecraft isn’t doing it for you?


I read the book ages ago (read his other book if you haven’t yet) and thought it was amazing. The film didn’t disappoint me as I think they did a decent job adjusting the story to make it fit. My wife loved the films sound track and picked up on some of the cultural Easter Eggs I missed (we were both born in the late 70’s but she had older siblings of a similar age to Ernest Cline).