Finally, an upgrade!

When I joined ts in early 2013, my fastest computer was a tripple cored phenom 2 laptop with radeon 4250m. Over time my needs became greater and my love of my pentium 4's lesser. I went ahead and began to buy a system. I was given an nzxt source 210 as a gift, and a dell 450w psu with a 6 pin pci-e which I foolishly cut off. I went ahead and bought a cheap lga 1155 mother board, along with the new celeron g555 which out performed the q6600 in many applications and 4gb of pny ram. the rest of the system was recycled parts. As I began to wish for lesser buffering and 1080p youtube I bought a gtx 280 and was given a 600w psu. that was great untill the gtx 280 died and I had to use a 7800gt that I traded a dvi cable for. I did buy a "new old-stock" 4870 which was used very lightly untill last week I got a 5830 off of OCN for $40. I also aquired a 9800gtx+ and a radeon 4670 along the way. I am trading the 4870, 9800 gtx+ and the 4670 for an i3 2100,  a p4 ht dell, a bit of ddr2 ram, a couple amd  athlon x2 cpu's  and a tablet. so in an hour my  main rig will look like:

nzxt source 210


4gb of patriot ddr3-1333

1tb wd caviar green 6gb/s

ocz 600w semi modular psu

saphire amd radeon hd 5830 

still on an el-cheapo motherboard which will be replaced soon


I have a thing for older GPUs, like I really like nVidia's 500 seires.

I had an i3-2100 a few years ago, coming from an overclocked pentium dual core 5200 it was insane. I had a chance to try out one in my system before buying and it was like night and day, so I immediately ordered one.


This kind of reminds me of a famous saying:

If you build it they will come?  NO!... That's not it...  OH Yeah...

If we all watch THE TEK on faster PCs; we can change the world ..... world ... world

OH   ... sorry for that weird echo thingy at the end there

@ godmode - I like older gpus aswell. Too  many people don't realize how well an old gtx 280 from 2008 does. 

@ ratzz hahaha exactly!

Yeah that's how I started banging second hand stuff together.  Still got my old P4 Northwood sitting in a Gigabyte 478skt GA-8IPE1000-G.

isnt that the one with the gold heatsink and 4 slots for sd ram?