Final Questions For New Build

I recently posted for advice on a build I was considering. I got quick and helpful feedback, to which I am grateful. But I have revised the build and have a few more last minute questions to ask so thank you in advance for any advice.

So here is the final parts list of the build.

ASUS Maximus VII Formula
Intel Core i7-4790K
Zotac GeForce GTX 980
EVGA SuperNOVA 850G2
Cooler Master Storm Stryker
Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB HX318C10FBK2/16
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SATA III Internal SSD MZ-75E250B/AM

Cooling NZXT Krakken AIO Water Cooling (140mm)

I have all other components and peripherals covered.

Questions I have about this build:

I have decided to go with an AIO water cooling option. But I am wondering if I should go with the 280mm radiator option instead of the smaller 140mm.
The case has the capability to house the bigger unit and I've heard its best to just get the biggest RAD you can fit.
My question is, is it worth the extra $40 for this? Or should I consider a cheaper AIO like the Enermax LIQTECH 240
Obviously it would be amazing to do a custom loop system and incorporate blocks for the GPU/MOBO as well, but this is just not feasible in the budget.
Watching vids from Ronsanut and SingularityComputers really makes me pine for a system like that someday, though.



The consensus I have heard is to get the cheapest RAM with the least CAS latency that is compatible with your MOBO. Is this the case? Would it be worth it to go with a slightly more expensive option to have a slightly higher OC potential or for 1 less CAS latency? something like Patriot Viper III or G-Skill TridentX?
I am under the impression that most RAM will be pre-configured to run at 1600Mhz until you overclock it yourself, even if advertised at higher clocks. Is this true?



I think I have settled on a single card solution at the moment, I just don't want to break into the $2000 bracket to include a dual card setup.
So that being said, what is the difference between the cheaper Zotac GTX980 and the almost $150 more expensive EVGA GTX980 Classified?
It seems the EVGA has a slightly higher base/boost clock (by 100Mhz or so) and possibly capability for more displays. How is this a justification for $150 more in price? Is there something I am missing here?

Well that's all I have for questions, thank you for your time if you are still reading!
Any input is greatly appreciated! I am totally ready to commit to this build and am waiting for any last minute input before clicking on that buy button!

Get the 240 or 280 closed loop setup, I use corsair, your case supports it. The hyperx ram is fine, especially for gaming. You might be able to overclock that zotac and reach the speed of the classified, I would look into the oc profiles of that specific card.

-Brian Timothy


Thanks for the advice, just placed the order. Super excited to get this build underway!

Also, I double checked the parts, and I was able to get the 1000W version of the power supply mentioned in the OP for the exact same price, with better cable braiding and a color scheme matching the motherboard. So that was a nice bonus. Always double check your parts, especially on Amazon since prices and discounts change constantly.