Final Fantasy XV

So, i will be buying a PS4, and this is one of the reasons. Only $399, and tons of games i want on it that won't come to PC (FF XV, Kingdom Heats 2, Uncharted 3, Guilty Gear Xrd, and tons more fighting games).

Anyone else excited?!


UPDATE: here is the new Demo footage. Gotta love that hair lol. the Luminous Engine looks gorgeous. and the Depth of Field is pretty cool.

rolling around in a convertible?

now that is hardcore

I'm pretty interested in it! The last Final Fantasy game I played was on a Play Station 2 and I loved it!


what happened to battle systems like FF6 FF7 and FF9?

i think it looks pretty but that combat looks terrible imo

it isn't turn based, not 15. this game reminds me of Kingdom Hearts (real Time Combat) but if Disney had nothing to do with it. Nomura (who did Kingdom Hearts) was project leader on ff15 too, until he just left it to focus on KH3.

I am sure, we will eventually get a FF7 remake, so that will give you all the turn based fun you seek. i still believe they are working on it secretly, either for a 20th or 25th anniversary release. lol (so maybe 2017, or 2022)

well.. i can dream :P

Have they said for sure that it isn't coming to PC?

well no, but on the slight chance that it does come to PC, it won't be for probably a year at least. only PS4/X1 have announcements. i wouldn't count on it though. other than the 2 mmo's, FF rarely comes to PC. i know VII did, but not the same year it came out on PS1.

could happen though.