Final build thoughts?

here you go guys




thanks for any feedback 

The only thing I would add is a ssd, if you have an extra $70 it would be worth it for a boot drive. 

i will look into getting one


That's a beast of a mobo to not use an 8350... why all the case fans?

If you downgrade the mobo to something a bit more modest and drop the case fans you could easily fit in a SSD or upgrade 8350

was there something on the sabertooth you were particularly excited about? It's a badass mobo it's just excessive for most users that won't use everything it has to offer

If you find interrest in DrunkenPandas post: I can recommend the Asus M5A99FX Pro. It's the one standing right below the sabertooth in the asus lineup and it's great. And if you don't need all the lanes for Crossfire or SLI you could even take the M5A99X Evo. It's the M5A99FX Pro just with less lanes and it's 20$ less.

eh i just heard that the sabertooth was really good and well recommended. Also the 5 year warranty is good too  


is there a huge difference between the evo and pro?

The only real difference between evo and pro is the crossfire/sli support. That because of the different chipsets. 990X on the evo for a single graphics card and the 990FX on the Pro for dual Graphics. But the sabertooth is great. If you think the features of the sabertooth will help you more than the ones of the pro go for the sabertooth. by the way: the sabertooth also uses the 990FX chipset.

thanks for the help.

im just gonna stick with the sabertooth. budget doesn't matter really so i just wanna get one of the best mobos on the market 

then the sabertooth is perfect for you :D I had to make the same decision but my budget was eaten away by the RAM prices in germany

Ram is expensive in germany? its ranges $50-$80 here in America which isnt expensive at all 

in january it was like 40€ for 8gb. then it skyrocketed to 80€ for 8gb. it not extremely expensive but the price jump was arrow to my budgets knee.

damn that sucks 

yeah, but I'm happy with my build :D

yeah my build is looking really good too. i cant wait till i get all the parts then i get to put together this beauty :) 

I'm right now waiting for a few extras and then my build will be finished perfectly :3 a few casefans and my first mechanical keyboard ;D

oh fancy ;P

Fit an SSD in there, and it's still cheaper.

Really nice PSU

Really nice windowed case.