Final Build Review


I'm pretty happy with most of the parts on my list. Already bought the case and the GPU. Case is actually blue and black but PCPartPicker doesn't list it.

Build is primarily for gaming, some photoshop work, and light video editing. Really only thing I'm hesitant about is the CPU since rumor has that Devil's Canyon processors are supposed to release on June 2nd. Also wondering about the seagate harddrive. $80 is a great price but does that also reflect the quality?

The samsung 250gb would be a better choice for speed. As for the HDD, i've got 4 WD's from 8 years ago in a NAS (two are backups) and no failures. That said, I havn't heard any seagate horror stories personally. Keep in mind that higher capacity hdd's have much higher failure rates reguardless of brand. 

The Samsung 840 EVOs aren't really that much faster as the HyperX 3Ks.

However, it is indeed true that high capacity HDDs(3-4TB) have high failure rates.

Seagates have a somewhat high failure rate.  Hitachi Deskstars are really reliable.

Devil's canyon is indeed coming out.  If you can wait for it, wait for it.  If you need the computer now, then you don't have much choice.

Ended up going for a 1tb WD Blue due to the reviews the seagates were getting on Amazon. And I don't necessarily need a computer now, so i'm going to wait till June 2nd and see if they get released. If not then I'll get an i5-4670k.