Final Build for $500-$600 PC

Hey everyone. Here is the final build I have for a $500-$600 non-gaming PC build. This is an attempt to be a relatively future-proof computer, which is going to be used mainly for internet browsing and a few apps. All tips are appreciated :)

For 500-600 PC that is just for surving and somethings... wow, kinda a waste of money :P

Also why buy a Hyper 212 Evo  if you wont overclock or do gaming?

AMD Stock cooler is a piece of shit and sounds like a jet taking off.

Well that Hyper 212 Evo is an overkill...

If it's not for gaming, then I would suggest going with an intel core i5 if you can afford it.

that is terrible for 500-600 dollar build. your not even building a gaming pc thats something id build for my mom. 

If you go for an APU, wait for the 6800k. Its ships on the 19th.

that's is what i'm doing....