File Sharing Interview?

Dear Tek Syndicate team,

I am working on a school project and I as such I need an interview. My question to ya'll is, can we arrange some form of an interview with the team or at least with Logan. Since my project is over the effects of File Sharing on Artists' income and reputation, who better to ask than an indie artist like you? If you need some questions they would be along the lines of:

  • General background information on you and how you started Zweihander
  • Do you think file sharing is cutting into your profit?
  • Do you think file sharing is bad for your name?
  • Niel Young said that Piracy is the new radio, do you agree or not?
  • The mainstream media tends to blur the lines between File Sharing and Piracy, do you think they are right in doing so, or should they change?

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you guys can answer my question.


Lucas I.