FIBER, What's wrong with the world?

Hey there  Logan, Pistol, Qain and Wendel, I live in a 3rd world country far, far away. Yet this little island i live on with its population of about 150,000 has nation wide fiber at reasonable prices "Up to 100Mbps (download)/ 30Mbps (upload)" (65 down 13 up personally tested i live at the islands furthest end) and this was done withing a 2 year period (the running of cables etc). I know this would be on a  scale is much larger in other countries ,but is this investment not wort is in the end ? 

Let me ask you: Was the fibre in your country market-led? Or was there a strong government initiative?



So in your view, in your country, what is considered "affordable?" In your currency, if you like, as we can just use online conversion tools to $US.

I am really curious what country and island has this, that's actually quite amazing.

Considering that my only source of internet connection is through a MiFi hotspot, if a 3rd world country has that, the US is so far behind, it's pathetic.

its equal to $85.18 USD monthly  its $230 here 

it'll happen when they see when other telecoms see how much more activity there will be in fiber connected regions of the world. look at the fiber rollout google in Kansas city, tech companies and start ups are flocking there. there is still time to wait and see how successful it is but it's looking very promising right now.

And I am paying $80 for cellular 4G, and a 10GB cap lol. That's a good deal.

well it did make sense for them 2 do this since they were going from dish to fiber ... that's why the price is so good, because they have no competition as the local tv provider :/