Fiber networks - ADVA OpenReach

Hello folks :slight_smile:

I’ve not had much exposure to fiber networks at all really, and I’m finding it hard to pick up how to configure the hardware.

Is there any good guides to learn the basics?

Today I came across a ADVA FSP 150-GE102Pro - The client was sent a StarTech Fiber Media Converter, some fiber cable and a Cisco router from the internet provider.

I can understand the Cisco stuff fine. But the ADVA is weird, I tried to look for a user manual but can’t find anything of value.

I connected the StarTech Fiber Media Converter to the ADVA unit, into a port labelled as Access - there is another port labelled Network, but that was populated to what looks like a single Fiber cable…

What’s the difference between the Access port and the Network port?

Can anyone give me a crash course, if possible - Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

It looks like a thing that for ISP/carrier owns that just happens to live in your rack, and gives you L2 Ethernet access on the 1Gbps access port.
It’s not meant for you to configure, it’s for ISP to configure and for you to plug into.
Otherwise, it looks like a not very smart switch of some kind.

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The manual states it does BGP/OSPF routing it’s a layer 3 switch. It still doesn’t mention the network/access ports.

It’s probably just another switchport.

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I thought that :thinking: - couldn’t find anything about it anywhere, went through lots of marketing videos looking for clues.

The only manuals for it show just what speeds the ports can do - really annoying haha


I came across another ADVA OpenReach unit last week installing a router for a company.

Thought I would come back and update for anyone else in the UK looking for more information on these.

The side marked in red goes to the sfp port on your Router or Fiber Media Converter ( BT give you a Meraki and a StarTech Fiber converter )

If you are configuring a Router with the sfp port, it will be setup in static IP address mode.

The side of the image marked in blue is the OpenReach side.

If the light on this side is red, this means there is no fibre signal at all. The cable is most likely laying loose in the exchange.

If the light is amber, this means the cable is patched in and is receiving a signal from the exchange - but the port has not been allocated to an IP address. BT were calling this “The data build”

Hope this helps anyone else.

Looks like a GPON SC UPC SPF for the ‘Network’ and multimode for the ‘Access’ ports.

Yeah, strange - as long as it’s working I suppose.


The Adva is used as a demarcation point for the carrier. It also has many other functions such as test access and monitoring the customers traffic example verfng SLA’s.

what it is used for most of the time is to keep the customers traffic isolated from one another using vlans.

one port faces the customer which has untagged traffic the other port faces the ISP which has tagged traffic. Yes some customer can tag their own traffic but some lower end devices do not have 802.1Q .

System logging Alarm log, audit log and security log

ConnectGuard™ security 7,10 y L2 MACsec encryption at line rate on a per-EVC basis y End-to-end encryption mode with one or two VLAN tags transmitted in the clear y Robust AES encryption algorithm (AES-128 / AES-256) y Key distribution based on IEEE 802.1X y Diffie-Hellmann key exchange process (2048 / 4096 bits) y Tamper resistant and evident enclosure y Full interoperability with all FSP 150 ConnectGuard™- enabled products

Performance monitoring y RFC 2819 RMON Etherstats on a per-port and per-service basis y 15-minute and 1-day performance data bins
y IEEE 802.3ah / ITU-T G.8021 PHY level monitoring y ITU-T Y.1731 single- and dual-ended frame loss measurement 2-9 y Synthetic frame loss and delay measurement for multi-point service monitoring y TWAMP sender / reflectors for L3 based service assurance y Multi-CoS monitoring on EVCs scaling up to 32 1 ,2/ 64 3 / 128 4-10 simultaneous SOAM flows y Threshold-setting and threshold-crossing alerts y Physical parameter monitoring for SFP optics, including TCAs y Temperature monitoring and thermal alarms

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Can anybody help with my situation. 1GB lease line from HYPEROPTIC, no support apart from them telling me the line is working and I need to connect the line myself. I purchased a UDMPRO as I thought that would do It all if I plugged in a cable from the ADVA box into the UDMPRO but the message I see on the UDMPRO is ‘please connect the router’ or No IP address found. I can’t get any kind of internet out of this damn ADVA box and have no idea what to buy. There are a million and one types of switches and media converters if I need them I do not even know. Any support would be great. thank you.

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I have a couple hundred circuits that are downstream of very similar Adva boxes. Almost all of my circuits are static, so have them provide you an IP address/CIDR and a good gateway address. Try and ping the gateway from outside the network. If it fails ask them to prove DEMARC.

I am not sure the syntax but see if you are getting good light down your SFP and a MAC address from the provider. You may also need to tag specific vlan for your circuit as well.

My gear goes ADVA → Cisco Switch SFP Port → trunked interface up to my Cisco router where I build my tunnels. I have Merakis in parallel to provide guest services and I tag a few different vlans from my providers to keep DIA and MPLS traffic seperate.