Fiber Internet StartUP

Hello Logan and Wendell, 

I am Ozan or Oz for short, and Computer Science student currently. Since I joined I watched all your uploads, and by the I love the Tek. Not to mention Wendell's straight to the point decoding of the shadow world that ISP control. 

As such I been extremely active in my city to propose our own Fiber network to kick out TWC (assholes).So much so that I have the Mayor of my city wanting to meet.(mayor is a family friend and actually loves your videos on the ISP bullshit). From the last episode I read the article about Chattanooga, and if they can do it why cant my city! Any help or ideas would be awesome, the problem is finding a plan to implement, including fiber, and proper switches etc to ensure all 150,000 people can enjoy 1Gbps up and down, with no throttling (throttling is such bullshit), and all schools and gov buildings get a free connection. Plus once we are running, we want to employee interns from the local collages to provide students with real world hands on experience for IT,MIS,and CS students, and countless more. 

Please any help would be awesome, and I would owe ya a beer :)

Thank you for your time  


more of a bump but if your for reals ask mayor to set up a meeting with mayor of Chattanooga. they may be nice enough to help for a intern/slave or 2.