Few issues


So I got my case for my first build, The Corsair R200 ( http://www.dabs.com/products/corsair-carbide-series-200r-compact-atx-case-8D00.html). As you can see on the first image, there are 2 USB ports on the front. That's cool, there must be a few round the back. Nope. There are only 2 USB ports on this entire case. Keyboard + Mouse + Headset + Anything extras = more than 2... 

My motherboard is this: http://www.dabs.com/products/asus-m5a97-evo-r2-0-am3--amd-970---sb950-ddr3-atx-87SX.html?q=M5A97%20EVO&src=16

So, I'm pretty sure I have 3 USB Ports that I can count (And I have minimal idea about stuff on the MOBA bar the RAM Space and CPU space..), so could I like thread one out the back? I don't think I would because it would be a pain in the ass if I wanted to take it out. I can see quite a few options for Multi USB things for Cheap, but I am playing on a 32 " TV, so I measure they would have to reach quite a long way combined with the equiptment wires themselves. Overall, I am looking for a relitively cheap (Although I am willing to go well above the £2 stuff) multi USB thing with quite a long cable, unsure how long exactly, but the longer the better I guess.

Also, on that note, how do I connect the MOBO to the USB slots in the case? Do I use those wires that came with the MOBO?


My case said in the manual that in order the install the MOBO I would need special MBD/HDD screws. It said they would be included with the MOBO. They were not. Everyone else I know said that they come with the MOBO. So my question is, how readily available are they? I live in the Channel Islands, so we don't have any big tech stores. What would the chances be of those screws being in one of the shops? (I don't want to have to order a few screws that will only ever be used once online).

Thanks for any help, It's such a pain in the ass that I spend so long pondering over parts, now I have problems with the parts themselves. I agree it could be my fault on the case, but it still looks sexii. The MOBO is just stupid for not including necessary screws..

...the board has a shit-ton of usb ports on the back... it's not like you only have the 2 on the case...

you should see a bunch of wires coming into the case from the front, the usb cables are in that, refer to the board manual on where to plug them in

the case came with a small box or baggie filled with screws, the board screws (and standoffs it that case uses standoffs) will be in there

Thanks for the MOBO advice, but wouldn't it be inconvienient to go into the case on the motherboard every time I wanted to switch something out?

I'm also pretty sure the case didn't have the screws. It did come with a plastic bag, but all that was inside was a little booklet on Australian warranty. Could they have made a mistake?

Cases have "USB Headers" on the front/top/side and are essentially just extentions. They have a big wire and probably solid blue (as they are USB 3.0) connector that runs down into you motherboard somewhere obvious. How many of these USB headers your motherboard can handle depends, but obviously you only need one, which it will!

The rest of your USB's are round the back in that bunched up tray of stuff where all your PC's Input/Output is. I count 8 usb 2.0, which is also confirmed in the spec sheet. Basically, including your cases header, you'll have 12 USB ports, 4 of which are 3.0 (the newer, better, faster version). Surely 12 is enough? :D

If not you can buy an expansion slot which contains a cable exactly like the header and plugs into your motherboards other USB extension slots. They are on the far right in that mobo picture and it looks like you have 3x 3.0 extensions and at least 1x 2.0 extension. That is like easily another 8 USB slots available if you need!

Motherboard screws are very common. I'm pretty sure Tech Supplies next to Sand Street car park can offer you the 9 max you'll need for your mobo...


(small world, going by the likelyhood of you being from Jersey :D)

Guernsey Mothafakaa!!

Anyway, thanks a lot for the help. I will probably head out to a tech shop tomorrow to search. 

if it didn't come with screws then I would contact whoever sold it to you, tell them the situation, maybe they'll do an exchange or maybe they'll just send you some mounting hardware

I can't even fathom what you're thinking about on the usb situation, the 2 ports on the case get connected to the board in the case, and the board itself has a ton on ports on it that are located on the back of the case, have you never seen a desktop before?

Ha. I have a greater than 50% chance of being right.

Oh, in all fairness you need 9 for a standard ATX board. E-ATX may need 12, but I've never used one so don't know. Smaller boards, usually less.

However HDD's use the same screw sizes and so does various other things like screwing you GPU into the support bracket. They are handy to have and cheap as... well, common screws. :D Buy like 20 of them.

Buy a small toolbox/tackle box or similar for <£10 and put all your random PC junk in one of them. Components always come with random crap and in 2 years or so having that random fan splitter or SLI adapter or even extra mobo screws may just come in handy.

GL with the build.

I will post one more question on this thread. Should I install Windows 7 or 8?

I know for a fact that I can install Windows 7 for free, there are obviously online methods and my friend has a USB with tons of copies. 

I have been told that Windows 8 can provide a few extra FPS in games. That's all well and good, but it's very expensive in comparison to free...

I have literally no games apart from the Humble Bundle on steam at the moment, therefore I think the more money I have to spend during the Xmas Sale, the more I will enjoy my PC experience. Pretty important thing when you are spending a fair bit of money on said PC.


That's my build, I have already ordered the parts so no talking about it from an improvement standpoint. Capiche? I'm pretty sure the R9 280X can run every game apart from possibly Crysis 3 on Optimal. I wasn't sure about BF4 from benchmarks, but a friend says his GTX 760 runs BF4 at 60fps on optimal, so I'm pretty confidant given the up in power from the 760.

I'm pretty sure I should go with Windows 7, Windows 8 will become "available" online in a year or so anyway. What are your thoughts?


Windowa 8.1 is just an allround nice OS once you get used to it. However, if the price tag is out of reach, alternates are acceptable. Windows 7 will be fine. When you do get Windows 8 in the future (if you do...) I'd suggest fronting for a retail version. You get up to 3 licences at any one time, so never really have to worry about buying or reactivating Windows...

And I thought Windows 8 was "available"?