Feedback on gaming and editing build?

for gaming and recording with fraps, editing with vegas.

Looks good but I would trade the ocz for a Samsung 840 and a 2tb external because it helps maintain higher fps while recording to an external for what ever reason

i've seen really good benchmarks for the vector, that's why I chose it. samsung isn't bad tho....

the extra 1tb internal is for recordings, but a 2tb external might come later




I would go for either a Samsung 840, Crucial M4, Kingston HyperX, or Corsair Neutron GTX.

Also, I would get this ram instead (low cas latency will be great for rendering):

I would personally get a different mouse too, but that's just personal preference.

Be prepared to flash the bios of the board. It might not be updated to support Piledriver/Vishera

I would recommend going with a Nvidia graphics card since you're going to be editing and most likely rendering the videos you record. The cuda cores that are in the Nvidia graphics card increases the speed in rendering and editing.

The equivalent to a 7970 would probably be the 670 or a 680. :)

Get a Zowie AM mouse it's nicer and will match better.

Good point.