Feedback on a program I made

Hi, I have been working on a program for a year and I would like to ask you guys what you think of it.

here's the link:

Also I am open to any backgrounds you want me to add.

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This is an awesome concept. I'll give it a try on my RPi. Would a full screen magnifier be a future possibility?

what do you mean about that? like an accessibility feature or the program in full screen?

An accessibility feature for those that need it. I use it all the time so I can see everything I'm doing. Gnome has a great implementation called gmag. Its as easy as a keybinding.

So it's a DE that can only run inside another DE?

Does it have an intended purpose? Maybe provide some use-cases?

I will get right to it :)

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Sweet. Thanks man!

One day in the future I will convert this into a full Linux DE when I get the hang of c++.

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