Fedora vs Opensuse

So I'm having an issue on whether to switch from Fedora to Opensuse and I would like your opinions on both. I would like to here what features you like and dislike as well, thanks for the help.

Whichever is better pretty much boils down to your personal preference, if Fedora is working great for you why would you switch? I suggest trying OpenSuSE in a vm and checking it out yourself. I used to use Fedora about a year ago, before switching to Arch. A few weeks ago I tried OpenSuSE Tumbleweed but I couldn't use it for longer than two days because it felt sluggish and restricted compared to what I was used to, and I didn't stay for long enough to learn the ropes. The distros do have different philosophies, Fedora aiming at '100% free-software', and *SuSE concentrates on optimizing the workstations, but tbh the only difference worth mentioning IMO is that OpenSuSE has a nice control panel, YaST. And that it's green lol.

So try it for youself, the best distro is the one that suits you and which gets the job done.

+1 Like Logan likes to say, just find a distro that floats your boat and "get work done". I personally prefer OpenSuse, as mentioned above one of the core philosophies of OpenSuse is rock solid reliability in workstation/server environments. Furthermore YAST makes configuration a breeze and who doesn't like XEN?

Their core philosophies are a little different. Fedora has newer packages and is willing to involve more risk for a greater selection of features. OpenSuSE is really the workhorse and combines a lot of different distro philosophies into one, it's more stable and provides alot of configuration with Yast, but it isn't as up-to-date as fedora. Fedora does focus on keeping things open-source but this may not be as important, if you really want to stick to open-source GNU is the way to go <INSERT RMS NECKBEARD HERE>.

OpenSUSE feels more like a consumer oriented distro, it just works. Fedora is oriented towards FOSS advocates and developers. I use SUSE for Zypper and the simplicity. DNF has nothing in comparison to Zypper's syntaxes. If you really want a purist system go Gentoo/Funtoo. Arch is a pretty easy binary OS though...

Properly configured, both can be really great. As a beginner it essentially just boils down to what DE you want to use: Fedora is optimized for Gnome 3, openSUSE for KDE. I'd recommend just trying out both on liveCD and then installing what feels most comfortable

+1 Gnome3 + Simple Dock Extension = Great

I've actually found GNOME to be less buggy on openSUSE than on Fedora 21. Everyone's experience will probably vary.

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