Fedora: USB soundcard X-Fi and control inputs

Problem: No input for IR or DEV when using default driver.
Research: Found LIRC profile and confirmed solutions with alsa_usb

Can I get it to work without disabling pulse-audio?

lsusb: Bus 003 Device 008: ID 041e:3237 Creative Technology, Ltd SB X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro
nothing in /dev/input or ir devices

Sources online:

Not saying this is 100% but maybe, you need to create a udev rule to handle this.

Looking on the Arch Wiki, there is mention that " The alsa-firmware package contains firmware that may be required for certain sound cards (e.g. Creative SB0400 Audigy2)." This may be different package on Fedora.

Just to be clear, the soundcard works just fine. There should a serial like interface for controls that does not appear to function on current Fedora.

It has a nice remote and control wheel and it is a shame it does not function - I use pass through for my Win machine and I could actually bind the keys for controlling the sound

Fair enough. I have not used a standalone Creative Labs piece of hardware since ~2001. I have no experience with their stuff on Modern Linux. I am sure there is a bug fix or something out on the web about this.

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