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Fedora lutris/dxvk


Is there a guide some where to get this up and running? I sure can’t seem to find one.

I got lutris installed but this dxvk stuff is losing me. I thought I had it installed but every time I go to launch say…WoW it just screams at me and tells me to install a vulkan loader.



DXVK Just Works™ for me on Fedora. I just had to choose the version and enable it in the wine provider.

I’ve been playing old blizzard games, tried witcher 3, as well, not ready for that yet IMO. It’s definitely working.


What are you using as far as GPU and drivers? Using what version of WINE and what version of DXVK?


Not in front of my desktop right now, but 1070 ti, nvidia 400 series drivers, wine esync 3.16, and 0.72 DXVK, I think.

EDIT: derp, you were talking to @Iomega.


Wanted to know from OP.
You should update your DXVK version ASAP. You’re missing quite a few new features.


Yeah, I haven’t played in a bit. Thanks for that.

Just to actually contribute though: @Iomega, If you tell us what GPU and drivers you’re using, we can tell you what vulkan driver you need.


@Iomega Also are you launching WoW directly or though


I’m using what ever fedora has installed by default. I have a RX 580 and I installed WoW through lutris which does launch the bnet client.

Edit: The client doesn’t actually start but that’s whats trying to load.


I’m not aware if AMD cards require extra packages in order to do Vulkan. I’d have to look it up. What is the specific error that you’re seeing? Do you have the vulkan-loader package installed?


It says it can’t find a “vulkan loader”.


Try doing dnf install mesa-vulkan-drivers


AMD Vulkan is not installed by default.

dnf install vulkan vulkan-info

I’ll let you handle this actually.


I don’t actually use Fedora so I’m just shooting in the dark.

Once vulkan-info is installed you should be able to run the vulkaninfo command, which will tell you the vulkan capabilities of your system.


Already installed them

“Package mesa-vulkan-drivers-18.2.4-2.fc29.x86_64 is already installed.
Package mesa-vulkan-drivers-18.2.4-2.fc29.i686 is already installed.
Dependencies resolved.”


Ah, okay. @iomega, try installing vulkan vulkan-info as well. From there, run vulkaninfo as @SesameStreetThug mentioned and we’ll see where that gets us.

You might need to reboot to update all your ldconfig and pathing.


Do you mean vulkan-tools? Because there is no vulkan-info package.


you on F29 or F28?

yeah, vulkan-tools.


fedora 29


Definitely vulkan-tools then.


Here is the out put.