Fedora Encryption Password Keyboard Layout Bug

I ran into an issue after installing Fedora on my Dell Latitude E5420. The keyboard layout had changed in between the time of the install and the first boot very similar to this bug only slightly different I was wondering if anyone had found the fix yet? https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1405539

I had to use the Fn Key to type any char on the side of the keyboard with the overlapped numpad.

I’ve had a similarish problem with Ubuntu. It boots up as US keymap and only after I decrypt the drive does it change to my keymap.

I got around the problem by not using special characters in the password, so the change to US keymap didn’t matter.

I don’t use Ubuntu much so didn’t investigate furthur; but on my arch distro I changed the order of the HOOKS in /dev/mkinitcpio.conf so that ‘keyboard’ and ‘keymap’ came before ‘encrypt’ so I have my specfic keymap when I go to decrypt the drive.

Ok thank you I will have to try that.