Fedora copr builds on ppc even when not requested

I’ve got an RPM that defines BuildArch to be x86_64. Building this RPM on Fedora copr has suddenly stopped working in some instances. Copr has decided to build using PPC even when it is not selected as a target architecture. This fails, not because it can’t be compiled, but because the RPM spec file says the BuildArch is x86_64.

Hmm. Is this the result of IBM taking over RedHat infrastructure?!

I’ve created a github repo which shows how to make a rpm file using copr using a git clone from itself. It builds a binary from a C program that does the classic printf( “hello world\n” );

It’s here: hello world rpm

I’ve been using copr a lot lately. I had been using containers for the distros for builds, but it’s a pain to do this for all of them.