Fedora and IOMMU

So I recently got Fedora 20 and I was trying to boot it from a USB stick on my A88X motherboard

When I booted it I was greeted by my entire screen being filled with the same error message: AMD-Vi event logged io_page_fault, then it went onto the loading screen like nothing happened only to break and go into emergency mode.

After I did some googling, I learned that there is some sort of conflict between Linux and AMD's IOMMU implementation. I'm later going to try and turn it off and boot it again and see if not having IOMMU on will get it to boot.

My question is: why is this conflict occurring and what some of the ways I could prevent further breakage from having IOMMU enabled? I am planning on running a virtual machine and the prospect of hardware acceleration for a VM is very desirable.

Don't think that's true, I've never had a problem with AMD-Vi, in fact, it's less problematic than VT-d. Did you enable AMD-V and AMD-Vi in your BIOS (both have to be enabled), and have you updated your BIOS to the latest version (which is important)?

Odd thing is they are not there, I don't know why either, they just aren't anywhere