Fedora 36 Fractional Scaling issue with X11 apps (?)


Tried enabling fractional scaling using some “haxx on the interwebs” because for some reason Fedora only allows for 100%, 200%, 300% display scale by default.

The “hack” worked but I believe apps that used X11 and not Wayland are messed up. Would there happen to be anything else I could do to fix the X11 scaling? On my 15" laptop with a 1440p display, 100% scale is a tad too small.

Edit: Googling didn’t help.

Install gnome-tweaks

sudo dnf install gnome-tweaks

You can then change the scaling factor on the “fonts” tab

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Seems like what i was looking for is this- patching Mutter to support X11 fractional scaling (https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/mutter/-/raw/ubuntu/master/debian/patches/ubuntu/x11-Add-support-for-fractional-scaling-using-Randr.patch).

Found this via the Nobara Project.