[Fedora 31] Grub boot screen, LUKS splash screen is gone

Intel 4690k
Nvidia GTX970 (Negativo17 repo)
Fedora 31

After a recent driver and kernel update, the grub boot menu now shows up (it was black / not appearing) and the LUKS screen is now a prompt (It had a flash screen ) How doI return these two to their previous state?

The current screen for Grub :

the current LUKS screen :

The expected reults is for the GRUB screen to be just a black screen

& the LUKS splash screen:

I’ve got no clue how to do this, and it’s fairly minor but i have gotten used to having it.

Nvidia? Try “sudo dracut -f” as the nvidia module needs to be compiled again after an update for the kernel (which Fedora does out of box) but the bootsplash needs that module in /boot.

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So many tears… I followed a Fedora 29 instruction ( when the splash screen and silent boot were implemented) which are “HERE … Announcing flickerfree boot for Fedora 29” and eneded up not being able to get back to the desktop. I have no clue on grub commands or how to repair from that state. I’m currently inconvenienced so that complicated the situation. I ended up “nuke and Pave” the system.

I have back ups so I lost nothing. But after the nuke and pave the screen returns ! but the moment I installed the driver again… It’s gone AGAIN ! Here I am hours later… :grimacing:

As an aside:

Before you attempt to fix a splash screen, boot screen, always have:

  • A LiveUsb
  • Backups of your file & or system
  • notes on Grub commands or use the Live distro to search the web
  • Knowledge of dracut to recompile the nvidia driver
  • some knowledge of systemd-spawn or chroot ( just in case )
  • Patience