Fedora 25 hdmi No Audio

Help, I just installed fedora 25 cinnamon on to my laptop and have gotten everything working except hdmi audio. anyone have any ideas? nothing I have tried from online seems to work

go into sound settings and set the output to HDMI
might need to install the audio drivers


I've tried both and audio works normally but still not over hdmi

Run fpaste --sysinfo as root and post the link please. That'll give us system info to better understand the system you have and what's installed.


Why are you running linux 4.8 and not 4.10?

Looks like you have an AMD cpu with R7 gpu (Carrizo), you'll likely have to wait until linux 4.12 for audio support over HDMI.

Support for audio over hdmi and DP is part of the DAL code which is still being worked on (likely to drop when/before vega)

If you really need it, you might try compiling the latest kernel source yourself and include it, or try to install the amdgpu-pro drivers

4.10 doesn't seem to load on my laptop, cinnamon just keeps crashing