Fedora 24 Workstation vs Debian 8

Hello, I have been using some flavor of a Linux distro for over 5 years now. Moving in between things like Crunch, Penguin, Arch, Debian, Mint, and Ubuntu flavors... But each time I have used Fedora I have found it lacking and honestly I could not stand yum... But it has been at least 3 years since I really looked at it. I am about to do a rebuild and change up my operating systems again. I noticed Wendell has been using Fedora himself in Tek Linux. Knowing he is a major Debian junky like me I assume there is a good reason. I will be using this workstation for casual web browsing, light gaming, programming, and virtual servers for various projects. Can someone who has used Fedora 23 or 24 tell me how it compares from older pre 2015 releases ? I have loaded it into a virtual machine but am still sketchy about making it my main OS from previous experiences.

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Well Fedora was moved away from yum and has switch to dnf, which will be a bit of change. Hadn't really used it much before the switch, so I don't have much to talk about it in that regard. Personally I've been using it with Cinnamon on my laptop for several months and haven't had any issues with it, and don't plan on switching anytime soon. So I'd give it a try for sure even if it ends up not being your cup of tea.

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What I like about fedora is that it's rock stable without being ancient, which is what kept me off of using debian. Apart from yum changing to dnf there's not much that has changed, there's also some improvements in marketing/making stuff trendy on their homepage lol.
Dunno what else to point out, what do you want from a distro? OpenSUSE is also great for workstations and has imo been improved 300% in the last 5 years but reason for me to stay on fedora is I prefer SElinux to Apparmor.

Thank you. This was the input I was looking for! I will try Fedora.

Don't do it.

Kidding. I like Fedora. Sometimes I wish they'd change the name though.

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I have trying out fedora on and off since fedora 20.

Fedora has a lot of good points, but opensuse tumbleweed is just plain better.

I don't mean that fedora is bad. But I personally find that what ever fedora does, opensuse does a bit better.

Fedora also agrees with me because DNF is supposedly based off zypper.

I'm a Fedora user and love it. DNF is good, and the system has always been pretty stable, Graphic drivers can be a pain depending on the method you choose to install. I use Gnome & i3WM on Fedora 24 atm